World Cup 1975 – When West Indies Felt the Thrill for the First Time

By | February 23, 2021

Since the air for ICC 2021 world cup is starting to get warmer with every coming day, we thought why not let our readers relive the thrill that India felt in 1975. We will also shed light on what two famous West-Indies cricketers of those days – Andy Roberts and Deryck Murray have shared about the day India snatched the world cup trophy from their hands. What do they feel about it the moment right now?


It was the time of summer of the year 1975 when the cricket world was dominated by the west-indies. Their long winning streak in cricket was unbreakable and the west-indies team was all set to set new records in the stunning captaincy of Clive Lloyd. Deryck Murray and Andy Roberts were two renowned west-indies cricketers of that era, and here are their views on the world cup 1975:


I was Excited to Get to Play with World’s Top Cricketers: Andy Roberts

I was still new to international cricket in 1975 and was young. Talking about my world tours, by then, I had only visited India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka for matches for only once. Since I still had some experience in one-day cricket from the leagues in England, I still felt excited and thrilled to play with the world’s top-class cricketers in a short-time span of one month.


We didn’t have Many experiences of One Day Cricket: Deryck Murray

Back in 1975, many of us were in a state of anticipating what a test cricket world cup would look like. On the other hand, we were also convinced of the fact that England had a clear advantage over every other team playing the world cup. Why? Because they had the most experience in playing one-days. At the same time, the Australian cricket team was enjoying a victory journey in the test cricket world.


Sri Lankan Cricket team faced their worst defeat of the lifetime from the hands of west-indies cricketer by packing up with a total score of 86, nine wickets are fallen, in only 20 overs.


In the final match of the 1975 world cup when all the world was certain on Australia’s victory, West Indies players almost began to lose their motivation to fight when the Australian team kept coming back with a fully aggressive gameplay even after their wickets kept falling one by one. But, thanks to the wickets of Viv Richards and Chappell brothers, their strike rate began to fall and the West Indies team wore the world champion’s crown for the first time.

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