How Much do You Know About Mithali Raj – The Lady Sachin?

By | March 27, 2021

The globe, the world we know is a society or a aggregation of societies. And, without a doubt it was dominated by men. To some extent, it still is. Be it culinary, mechanics, computer programming, or sports, men have been ruling them all. Cricket is no different. From ages, people of all ages, genders and professions have enjoyed cricket matches with male players.


Many other sports such as swimming, aerobics, and shooting, on the other hand, has no clear gender stamps on them. And that is truly respectable. Indian cricket was dominated by men to such a high extent that for a long time, the idea of creating a female cricket team never struck anyone’s mind. Well, a few years ago, the first Indian cricket league was launched and we even participated in the women’s ICC cricket one-day world tournament.


But not many actually gave a piece of their thoughts or attention towards women’s cricket until.. There was a girl named Mithali Raj, born in 1982, Tamil by origin, and India’s women’s caption, daughter of an Airmen in Indian Air Force, player of more than 100 official cricket matches and holder of a unbroken and unprecedented record of most 90’s.


She, so far, is the only captain who’ve led India’s women’s team to more than one ICC women’s world cup of women. And not only that, in both the world cups, she dragged the Indian team to finals. Due to her excellence as a player and as a leader, she won the attention of Indian cricket fans and they began to call her – The Lady Tendulkar.  


In T20s she has marvelously scored more than 2000 runs and when she played the first match of her professional career, she scored a commendable score of 114 runs, which is a rare commodity in the world of women’s cricket.


She played her first international match in 1999 and no later, she bagged 214 runs against England’s women’s team breaking the old test score record of 209 runs held by Karen Rolton.


It’s a proven fact that Women’s ODIs are rarer than Men’s ODIs and thus comparing both in terms of runs is impractical. However, Mithali Raj became the first women to triumph a score of 6000 runs in WODIs. In 2013 Women’s World Cup, she was renowned as the number one women’s cricketer thanks to one 100, four 50s in test matches. So, shouldn’t we be more inclined towards the women’s in Indian cricket working so hard to bring glory to the nation? Shouldn’t we show them a bit of our thankfulness?

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