Important Spotlights on IPL Ceremony 2018, Live IPL Opening Ceremony

By | March 5, 2018

Spotlights on the IPL Ceremony 2018: An overview about IPL Opening Ceremony is here for readers. Cricket as a game has become the heartthrob of every Indian. Indians do feel the game very seriously whether it is a six or run out the game in every way impact them so much. When it is cricket you have to talk about the Indian Premier League or IPL. Just get to know about that it offers an exposure to every Indian player who wants to showcase the batting and bowling talent.On the top of that, it makes players know each other on the crease especially can make a bonding with international players. Thus here will shed some light on how the IPL ceremony will be celebrated in 2018.

IPL opening Ceremony

Few important highlights of the IPL ceremony

  • Event update :

Firstly, unlike the previous years, this year again IPL will celebrate a single open celebration as IPL Opening Ceremony.

Budget offered for IPL ceremony:

The amount of Rs 50 crore was doled out as the budget for the eleventh episode of the IPL. Initially, the amount was segregated among different IPL centres but now they are going to celebrate the ceremony as a while for convenience. Just note that last year the designated amount was Rs 30 crore, however, this year it has accentuated to 50 crores. A total of Rs 3.5 crores has been added to each of the centres with an anticipation to carry out the celebration on 6th April just prior to the opening game at Mumbai. Thus this time the BCCI thought to improvise the celebration program by incorporating some international flavour to it.

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Star-Studded event in IPL opening Ceremony:

Hats off to BCCI for organising a star-studded celebration. Definitely, the top up of budget definite holds yes for one good reason which shows that the event will be dazzling with international stars. So far the IPL has witnessed the grand performance of international performers like Bryan Adams, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and other renowned pop stars also hit the stage on glare.

  • Brief on the game

The opening game of the IPL will be commenced on 7th April at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. Just note that Mumbai Indians will start up the game although the opposition is not yet decided. Interestingly the IPL ends on 27th may which is again at the same said stadium in Mumbai. Point to be noted that the auction of IPL will hold a place on 27th and 28th of January in Bangalore. There is a total of 578 players out of which 360 Indian players will participate in the auction.

  • Timings of the game

Successive games will be played on the weekends. But there might be a chance of overlapping, but the board has decided to defer the game timing like previously it was played at 4 pm but now it will be played at 5.30 pm. Even channel broadcaster even decided to air the games on different channels.

Thus these are game highlights and a brief introduction of the IPL ceremony. Just note that the Rajasthan Royals had been banished for two consecutive years will get a chance to play home matches after the court’s verdict.


IPL 2018 1st Match: MI vs CSK live match on 7th April. For more matches have a look on IPL Schedule & bookmark it.

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