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By | July 9, 2020

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The most exciting event for the cricket fans is flowing now in England and Wales.  Winning the  battle and qualifying for semi-final is the most nearby goal of the most eligible teams.

ICC World Cup 2021 Semi Finals

This World Cup Semifinals is bit special as compared to the preceding tournament. The reason behind is that in World Cup,2021 Group of teams are there, this time all teams have to compete with all other teams to qualify for semi finals. And there are not any quarter finals matches, teams having highest points in qualifying matches will enter in semi- final directly.

Whichever team may qualify for the Semi Finals but there is excitement in every Cricket enthusiast. Since most of the qualifying matches of world cup already played, we can have some probable team meeting in semifinals.

There are 10 teams are struggling in ICC World Cup 2021 to get the World champion Title.

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. India
  4. England
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. West Indies
  8. South Africa
  9. Pakistan
  10. Afghanistan


Most eligible teams entering the Semi–Finals by the points scored so far are Australia, New Zealand, India and England.

After long period of 27 years since after 1992 the World Cup is played without groups and everyteam has to play with other Nine teams to qualify for ICC World Cup, 2021 Semi finals.

ICC World Cup Semi Final IND vs NZ Live Streaming

This time many exciting matches are washed out rain, and both teams got points which will benefit the weaker teams. But still rain cannot wash out the mindsets of players  strongly aspiring ICC World Cup,2021 Trophy.

Two Semi-finals are scheduled in which four qualifier teams will compete with each other and winners will get privilege to play in ICC World Cup Final.

First Semi Final match is scheduled on 9 July. This first semi final will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester. In this match top points scorer in the qualifying matches will meet.

Second Semi-final will be played on 11th July,2021 just after 2 days to first semi final.  It is scheduled to be played at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Now have look at semi finals of the previous world cups.

Now that India has lost the semifinals, you need to look at the history of national teams that went on to win a semifinal of the worldcup on Sports Pundit

Semi Final IND vs NZ Live Streaming

In ICC World Cup, 2015 total 14 teams played in qualifier matches. Out of that 8 teams qualified for quarter finals.Four teams qualified and played Semi finals were South Africa, New Zealand, India and Australia.   In which New Zealand vs South Africa and India vsAustralia  match played  in Semi Finals.

As we know ICC World Cup,2015 was hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, these teams got extra strength as matches were played in their home grounds. So Australia and New Zealand manged to enter in Final.

Now as we see older record of ICC World Cup, 2011, it is also played teams grouped in A and B groups. World Cup, 2011 was hosted jointly by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Totalnumber of teams were 14 same as in 2015 and 7-7 teams group were made.

As the tournament was hosted by countries in Indian Subcontinent, countries of south asian region have plus point. So India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka  entered in Semi Finals with New Zealand. This benefited Team India to win ICC World Cup, 2015.

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ICC World Cup, 2021 semi finals will be more exciting and engaging because it is played in new format and there is equal opportunity for every team as there is no Group structure and each team will compete at least once with every other team. Since hos country is England and Wales there is no doubt thar the have plus point of being host and matches are played in their familiar grounds. But it is not the case every time, Cricket is game where victory is dependent on practice and as well as luck.

Now more than half of the qualifying matches are already over and most cricket fans have some idea about their favorite teams will play Semi-finals or not.

Anyways whichever team will enter in semifinals there is lot of fun and excitement for every cricket fan for these crucial matches.

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So stay tuned to your source you rely for watching live streaming matches on 9th and 11th july at 10:30 am in UK time and at 3 PM in Indian Standard Time.

The Semifinal matches are the most exciting matches as the teams reached in semi finals have both hard word and will to become World Cup Champion. Its Fun watching most strong teams meeting in semi finals just a step before final.

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