The Golden Year for Australian Cricket Team – 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup

By | February 26, 2021

The 2021 ICC World Cup is on its way to stun all the cricket fans with the energy-packed performance of the participating national teams. The best thing about Cricket is, with all the passing years more and more faces add to its fan group.


And, something which depresses me down my spine about cricket is not only a great many numbers of us are forgetting its glorious history but also the new generation has no idea what it was like watching cricket 10-15 years back.


When a deep, chilling silence could be seen in all the Kirana stores, households, and Chai-shops when the third umpire’s decision had been pending on Sachin’s leg-stump. And the same quiet crowd would get immensely cheered up when the decision was in the favor of master-blaster. My personal opinion on cricket is that the true golden days of cricket were 10 years back when professionals could be seen applying leaves on the important match days of the world cup.


In the 2013 world cup, Indian team’s top competitors Australia and Pakistan were fighting for the championship crown. One of the most notable and legendary bowlers Shane Warne was sent back to his dwelling for coming positive in a drug test. With him gone, the hopes of Pakistani cricket team went on the ninth moon. In other words, they became certain of their triumph in the most sought-after cricket match of their lives.


As the final match started, Pakistan shot down three Australian cricketers in a score of just 52 runs, brutally destroying its top order. But thanks to Andrew Symonds’ stunning batting skills, he made the middle slack of Australian batting order the toughest to conquer. Ricky Ponting had faith in him and he stuck to it for long. Another one, Bichel assisted Andrew and they both together let the yellow flag of Australia hoist again on the pinnacle of 2013 ICC cricket world cup.

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