Don’t Laugh – These are the All-Time Lowest Totals in ODI Matches

By | March 1, 2021

The world follows the most assertive, the bravest, and the most successful. Whether it’s a thought, a book, an idea, a person, or a company, people tend to forget the lowest performers and remember the best one. But, haven’t the most bottom ones contributed in making the history we remember?


Sports is not left alone of this phenomenon and there are matches in which the total team score couldn’t reach to a mere figure of 40. Yes, call it a shame or fix, but that was the reality. And I bet, you don’t remember any of those matches. Hence, I thought why not make for an article on that? So, here the list begins:


  1. Pakistan – 42 Run

In a match with West Indies on the eve of 25 February 1993, Cape Town stadium, Pakistani players faced one of the worst defeat of their lives when in 19.5 over, the complete team went roll away from the stadium with a total score of 42 runs.


  1. Sri Lanka – 43

After just 20.1 over, the Sri Lankans players could be seen packing their stuff when their complete team kissed the defeat from South African team in the Paarl ground.


  1. Zimbabwe – 38 Runs

Yeah, Zimbabwe unwillingly secured its place in our list of most unfortunate teams of all time when they were sent to pavilion by Sri Lankans in Colombo stadium at just 38 runs.


  1. Canada

Don’t be surprised. Canada had a cricket team back then and the eve of 19 Feb 2003 was one of the unluckiest for them. They were level in 18.4 overs at a score of 36 by Sri Lankans at the Paarl stadium.


  1. Zimbabwe

At this point, you must be thinking that team Zimbabwe faced the most numbers of unfortunate events in their cricket history. As they were once again waved goodbye by Sri Lanka in the ground Harare with 35 runs in their bag and 18 overs on their clothes.


Found the list interesting? Well, let me know in the comments below if you want a counter – a list of matches with the most total score. As the aforementioned phenomenon goes, I am certain that this one will captivate you even more. In India, cricket is not a sport, it’s a religion. It flows throw every street, every home, and every shop you come across in the days of a world cup, T20, or test tournaments.

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