The Birth of One-Day Cricket

By | February 27, 2021

Imagine a world without one-day cricket matches, leagues, and world cups – let alone the 20-20 one. In the times when we don’t sometimes get a chance to watch one-day and 20-20 matches, test-matches would only scare us away. Without a doubt, the thing the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, still proves true – “Change is the only constant in life.”


Our world is changing with the speed of light and everything a consumer demands or wants to buy, becomes available to him instantly, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and communication advancements.


Disruption is just accelerating the demand and supply chain with its sudden boosts. The same happened a while ago in the world of cricket. When everything else began to become fast-paced, the type of cricket matches didn’t go untouched.


And since every change has its beginning day, embark of one-days in the cricket landscape has one too. In early 1961 when the attendance figure during the County Championship Season falls from a whooping 2 million to mere 900k. MCC acceleratingly set up an inquiry committee to have a discussion and find a solution to the problem that was growing bigger and fierce at the doors.


Gubby Allen was elected the chief person of the committee who looked into the two proposals that have been placed in front of him by the committee. The first one was to organize matches only on Sundays and the second proposal demanded the creation of a new kind of matches that could be started and finished in one day i.e. one-day knockout tournaments.


“By the early 1960s we had reached the end of cricket’s post-war boom. The crowds had declined and there was a need to make the game viable. These were parlous times and there were arguments about which direction the game should take,” Turner wrote in his column for the Guardian.


Nottinghamshire was invited by the youngest secretory of the club who played the core role in the decision committee to play. A new one-day tournament called the Midlands Knock-Out Cup was placed upon the table. In the tournament, Leicestershire was defeated in the finals by Keith Andrew-Led Northamptonshire in 65 overs. And that’s how one-day cricket saw its first ever match.

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