Some Useful Batting Tips to Be a Professional Batsman

By | March 21, 2021

Just imagine you are in the cricket gallery all cheering for your favourite team. You watched sometimes the ball crossed the boundary sharp hitting to make sixes. While at times the ball glides over the green carpet. All these exuberating moments fill your heart with fun. But have you ever thought the tough moments the batsman has to go through? This is because after all, it’s his charisma and zeal to hit the ball rightly. Therefore here will discuss few points that polish the batting skills over time.


  • Regular practice of batting

Practice is the key to success. If you want to improve your batting skill then at least for half an hour you have to practice. Make sure that you make a proper planning before plunging on to the field.


  • Focus on the ball


Every time if you want to hit the ball to have sixes or fours just be prepared that you honestly pay attention to the ball reaching you. Until and unless you do so you can’t expect to get the numbers well. As a tip on batting, remember that you should not watch the ball aimlessly instead remind your brain to fix your attention on that.


  • Easy off strike

Well getting easy off strikes is really difficult to conquer. As you have to get proper knowledge of the two areas like the rotation and the singles for better batting.


  • Be on form

Well, it’s hard to be on the form because that requires your dedication and skill. Most importantly you need to stay calm and composed. The basic is that it would be better if you simply pen down your game strategy at length for batting.


  • Proper body positioning

For this, you have to balance your head properly and have your body in right alignment. In addition be aware of the gripping of the bat so you don’t miss the ball while batting.


  • Bat with full strength


While batting you should put your hundred percent strength no matter whether you are a front foot or back foot player.


  • Make small goals

For spectacular batting just be prepared to make smaller goals. Remember to make a half-century or full you actually need to take each shot seriously.


  • Should not focus on the fielder

A common mistake in batting is often the player set focus on the fielder while that is wrong because you have to fix your eyeballs in the areas of the field where you can actually make a score.


  • Hold the bat rightly

You need to confirm that you hold the bat tight so that you do not miss any shot. Remember that initially cannot rule over the cross batting.


  • Timing of the ball

Missing a shot means you are getting away from goal. That is why you have to strive hard to make sure that you are aware of the ball timing.


  • Head should come first

As you have to nail on the techniques just validate on the fact that you should place your head first then place your feet to avoid tripping. Thus body balancing is important while batting.


  • Faith in your skill

This is the ultimate one indeed you need to have complete faith in what you do. Being a batsman it’s your core responsibility to is the game-winning. Besides practising you need to have a mindset you can actually crack the goal of batting well.


  • Play variety of shots

Do not make yourself confined to any particular way of batting technique. You need to master different types of techniques. Actually, such stereotype shots give the bowler an opportunity to guess your batting style. That us is you should practice from varied angles.


  • Speculate on bowling

You have to grow the skill of understanding from which direction and how the ball will reach you. Just step into the bowler’s shoe and try to get an idea what would you have done when the ball hits you like that.


  • Different batting style

In order to become a pro in batting just hold your heart and be patient to nurture different batting styles. Like you should get a complete training on how to play shots like a hook or play drive. But according to experts to make the best run you should play with the middle portion of the bat called sweet spot.


Thus these are some of the important to follow batting tips.


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