4 Greatest Matches Ever in the History of Cricket

By | January 24, 2021

Finally, the moment of energy has arrived. The 2021 ICC World is not far today. From 30 May to 13the of July, you can satisfy the hidden fan as much as you want. You can shout out loud even if any non-India team defeats another non-India team. Or you can bring an earthquake when the Team India hoist the flag of victory on the top of the final’s stadium. Yes, you got it right. No matter how much we support teams of other countries, our India would always come first.


Matches are all going to be fun. I am certain that some specific ones will even make you apply for an office leave and watch your idiot box all day untouched, undisturbed, and undistracted. I wonder if there a word undistracted. Well, jokes apart, we all know that every one-day international world cup match adds several pages in the golden history of the world cup. Some matches stays alive in the hearts of fan for the years to come.


In this post, I want to call your utmost attention and focus it on a single point because the matches I am going to tell you about are the best ever happened to the history of ODI cricket. And I know, any cricket fan like you wouldn’t enjoy becoming getting left from valuable stories as these. So buckle up, get ready to swim into the three matches that convinced every fans around the world that cricket is full of possibilities:


  1. India Vs Australia 1987

The blood bubbling match happened in the infamous stadium of Chennai, and India just needed 2 runs in 2 balls to win the match. Thanks to Dean Jone who persisted in his claim that the ball didn’t touch the rope. Australia then won the match


  1. India vs Zimbabwe, 1983

I should call this match by the name it still goes by since 1983 instead of India vs Zimbabwe, 1983 – The Kapil’s Match. An astonishing fact of is it was never aired to any of the Indian televisions channels but, at the same time, it is unforgettable for every Indian. Kapil played and unprecedented not out at 175 in just 138 after Zimbabae destroyed Indian batting line-up to 17-5. India won the match.


  1. India Vs Sri Lanka

Spoilers! India won the match and the trophy of world cup along with that. Both the teams fought with sweat and blood but Indian then captain MS Dhoni packed the victory backed by a 97 run not out support from Gautam Gambhir.

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